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In 2000 Rem Veg volunteers, with a part time Nursery Supervisor, took over the disused Livingstone Shire Nursery at the Cordingley St. Depot. A nursery was established specifically for growing local native plants. As Government Grant money diminished Livingstone Shire Council increased their support until, with local volunteers they were completely supporting the nursery effort, the aim then was to make the nursery self supporting but not profit making. Since amalgamation the Rockhampton Regional Council has continued this support.

For a detailed account of the Community Nursery follow the link below;

Community Nursery PDF (4.2 Mbytes)  
The seed raising section of the nursery draws on the seeds of hundreds of native species RemVeg volunteers have collected over the years. The nursery maintains a supply of more than 40,000 native plants annually for revegetation projects in the Capricorn Coast area.
In this section of the nursery seedlings are being grown to planting-out size. The nursery receives orders for local native seedlings ranging in volume from a few hundred to thousands.
For details of permits needed to propagate native plants follow the link below.
Information sheet Authorised Propagator  
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