Rem Veg - Livingstone Remnant Vegetation Study Group
While carrying out field survey assessments of remnant vegetation in the original study, plant samples were collected for identification purposes.
A herbarium was assembled from these dried and mounted specimens. Rem Veg volunteers have undertaken a considerable amount of cataloguing of these native plants and the collection has been added to over the years. To view a list of specimens prepared by Rem Veg follow the two links below;
  Mounted samples of native species
  Mounted samples of weed species
Herbaria are essential for the study of plant taxonomy, the study of geographic distributions, and the stabilizing of nomenclature. A large collection from a single area is used in writing a field guide or manual to aid in the identification of plants that grow there. The examples below are local native plant species from the Rem Veg herbarium, hundreds of preserved specimens like these were later used to help identify local plants.
  Lomandra longifolia
Family Xanthorrhoeaceae
Spiny-head Mat-rush
  Clematis glycinoides
Family Ranunculaceae
Headache vine
  Xerochrysum bracteatum
Family Asteraceae
Golden Everlasting
  Themeda triandra
Family Poaceae
Kangaroo Grass
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