Vegetation zones in the Lammermoor Native Gardens
Poplar Gum woodland plants
Poplar Gum
Eucalyptus platyphylla
These are large eucalypts with an open, sprawling habit and are easily recognised by the smooth, white trunk and the broadly oval leaves. They are found in open forests in Eastern Queensland from about Rockhampton northwards.
Poplar gums are generally found scattered among other Eucalypts and it is unusual to find a woodland where they are dominant. Poplar Gum woodland has been extensively cleared in coastal areas and only about 10% remains in the region.
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Moreton Bay ash
Corymbia tessellaris
These are found throughout the gardens except for the dunes and wetland, the species name tesselaris refers to the tessellated or tile-like appearance of the bark.
Blue Flax Lily
Dianella caerulea
Dianella is abundant in the woodland , the small pale blue flowers bloom from August to January and are followed by conspicuous, bright purple berries.
Wombat Berry
Eustrephus latifolius
  Grass lily
Murdannia graminea
This vigorous twining plant is found throughout the gardens except for the wetlands and dunes.
An inconspicous grass-like herb that produces a cluster of flowers in late summer and autumn.
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