Poplar gum woodland
Birds in this zone
  For a complete list of birds found at Lammermoor follow this link;
Lammermoor Native Gardens bird spotting list PDF 22KB
  Red-backed Fairy-wren (male)
Malurus melanocephalus
  Pheasant Coucal 
Centropus phasianinus 
Found in this open woodland and among the foreshore dunes where low shrubs and tall grasses provide food and cover, they eat a wide variety of insects.
This 'pheasant-like', ground-dwelling cuckoo may appear suddenly on your walk, in spring and summer listen for the distinctive coop, coop, coop of their mating call.
  Little Friarbird
Philemon citreogularis
  Noisy Miner
Manorina melanocephala 
A small but conspicuously noisy flock of these live around the woodland, the paperbark swamp and the car park, their diet is mainly nectar but includes flowers, fruit, seeds and invertebrates.
These forage through the woodland in a group of about 15 and will aggressively defend an area against all invaders, harassing and chasing away both larger and smaller birds
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