Vegetation zones in the Lammermoor Native Gardens
Paperbark swamp plants
Melaleucas, commonly called paperbarks, are the predominant species in this section and there are well over 200 recognised species, most of which are endemic to AustraliaThere are 4 species of Melaleuca at Lammermoor:
Melaleuca quinquenervia, M. leucadendra, M. viridiflora and M. fluviatilis.
Paper-barked tea-tree
Melaleuca quinquenervia
The species grows in seasonally inundated plains and swampland in Australia, and can tolerate occaisional fires and seasonal waterlogging. The flowers serve as a rich source of nectar for fruit bats and a wide range of insect and bird species.

Substantial areas of similar wetlands can be seen around the Capricorn Resort north of Yeppoon.
Cupaniopsis anacardioides
Tuckeroo is found along the east coast in northern New South Wales and Queensland, its usual habitat is beach scrub on sand or near estuaries.
It has a dense, widely spreading crown, bears greenish yellow flowers in spring followed by yellow/orange fleshy berries contained in showy orange seed pods in summer.
Tuckeroo can also be seen in most of the beachside parks along the coast where it is used as a shade tree, its attractive appearance and drought resistance has also led to it being used more frequently as a street tree.
Coffee Bush
Breynia oblogifolia
The species grows in a wide variety of environments such as warmer rainforest, Acacia woodland and eucalypt forest from southern New South Wales, Queensland and New Guinea. It grows to about 2m. and is quite common at Lammermoor, you can see groups of Breynia in the transition zone between the car park and the wetlands area.
Small, green flowers are produced in spring and summer and these are followed by followed by orange or pink berries about 6 mm diameter that turn black when fully ripe.
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  Marine Couch
Sporobolus virginicus
Marine Couch is the main ground cover in the wetlands area.