Lammermoor Native Gardens
Lioness Park and Lammermoor Beach track access
Lioness Park on Lammermoor Beach is one of the many public facilities funded by Lions Clubs on the Capricorn Coast, adjacent to the car park there are toilets, a water tap, fresh water shower, free BBQ and picnic tables.
An interpretive sign beside the path to the beach will direct you to the walking track beach access on the northern side of Lammermoor Creek.
Opening day for the walking tracks was held at Lioness Park which is a very popular picnic spot on the Capricorn Coast, an added attraction for those who like to walk or swim is Lammermoor Beach.
The path to the beach at Lioness Park, this area was replanted with seedlings by volunteers from a number of groups about 5 years ago and illustrates how rapidly our native plants can revegetate an area if they are given a chance.
The track access point on Lammermoor Beach is indicated by the two bollards you can see on the right side of the photo above, from here the track winds gently up the beach swale to the secondary dune in section 6 of the track guide.
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