Vegetation zones in the Lammermoor Native Gardens: section 3
Lammermoor Creek
Lammermoor Creek runs through the gardens from the Kedron Park wetlands into the sea below Lioness Park and is still amazingly natural despite draining a rapidly growing urban area. Except for the driest years it is a permanent creek and provides a year round water supply for plants, animals, birds and the insects upon which they feed.
Lammermoor creek where it enters the sea on Lammermoor Beach. The creek has a sand bar across its mouth which stops it completely emptying into the sea at low tide but allows bigger tides to enter, this is essential for the viability of the mangroves and other salt tolerant plants that line the creek.
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  Plants in this zone  
  Mangrove Fern
Acrostichum speciosum
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  Birds in this zone  
  Bar-breasted Honeyeater
Ramsayornis fasciatus
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