Vegetation zones in the Lammermoor Native Gardens - Section 2
Kedron Park
Kedron Park is a 3.9ha reserve adjacent to Lammermoor Native Gardens on the corner of the Old Scenic Highway and Bottlebrush Drive, before the Old Scenic Highway was built these wetlands merged into the Paperbark swamp in section 1 and included lagoons of open water.
These wetlands are a haven for many resident and visiting bird species, in the photo above are Royal Spoonbills, White Ibis, a White-faced Heron, Intermediate Egrets and (bottoms only) Pacific Black Ducks and a Purple Swamphen.
more about the birds at Kedron Park  
The reserves at lammermoor are not just a haven for birds, this Agile Wallaby enjoying the lush wetlands grass was photographed at Kedron Park on the same morning as the birds in the photo above it.
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