Birds at Lammermoor Native Gardens
Kedron Park birds
  For a complete list of birds found at Lammermoor follow this link;
Lammermoor Native Gardens bird spotting list PDF 22KB
  Buff-banded Rail
Gallirallus philippensis
  Purple Swamphen
Porphyrio porphyrio
These live in dense reeds, grass and vegetation bordering many types of wetlands and crops. They are generally shy and elusive, they feed early in the morning or in the evening and you may see one then.
These are common in wetlands and swamps throughout eastern and northern Australia, often in pairs and larger communities. Their strong legs have long toes that are well adapted to the soft, uneven surfaces of the marshy areas where they live.
  White-faced Heron
Egretta novaehollandiae
  Royal Spoonbill
Platalea regia
These feed on small prey such as fish, insects and amphibians using a variety of techniques to find food including standing still and waiting for prey movement, walking slowly in shallow water, wing flicking and foot raking.
These are occaisional visitors to Kedron Park particularly when the water level is low. Their habitats are shallow freshwater and saltwater wetlands, intertidal mud flats and wet grasslands.
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