Rem Veg; Invasive vines project
Protecting Capricorn Coast Ecosystems
In a project supported by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country the Livingstone Remnant Vegetation Study Group undertook the erosion of invasive vines and creepers from two key remnant vegetation sites in the Pacific Heights area.
The first stage of the project involved assessing the extent of the problem and developing a a plan for removing invasive vines from the most seriously affected sections.
  After the problem areas were identified a team moved in to cut down problem vines, a crucial part of this stage was the removal of all trace of the vines to prevent regrowth.  
  This project could only tackle a relatively small part of a large and growing problem, to make significant inroads into it will require the community to play a role in identifying and removing these vines from their property. On the following pages are listed steps you can take to help and information to enable you to identify the problem vines.  
The problem   How you can help    
To help you understand the extent of the problem presented by invasive vines we have included some photos of vine infestations and their affect on our environment, follow the linked photo above or the link below.
  There are many ways you can help to fight this threat to our native bushland, follow the linked photo above or the link below for advice on what you can do and information to help you identify the culprits.    
Invasive vines; the problem   Invasive vines; how you can help