Lammermoor Native Gardens
Guide to walking tracks
This section will take you on a tour of the Lammermoor Native Gardens, by following the beside the map below you will be able to make a virtual tour of the gardens, these pages have photographs of the different vegetation zones you pass through and the plants within them.

An interpretive guide is available  at the Capricorn Coast Visitor information Centre, you can also download the printable PDF guide at the bottom of this page or you can access our web site on a  smart phone and follow your progress online.
The reserves at Lammermoor cover about 14.4 hectares, the kilometre of tracks here will take you through a number of coastal ecosystems and plant communities, these include paperbark wetlands, beach scrub, mangroves along the creek corridor and a poplar gum woodland. On your walk you can see how the changes in topography influence the type of plant community that develops, the walks are not difficult and can be done by any moderately fit person in an hour or so.
Painted bollards have been placed at intervals along the track to indicate the transition between vegetation zones and areas of particular interest, their colour corresponds to the zones on the map and the printed track guide.
Lammermoor walking tracks map  
PDF guide to Lammermoor Native Gardens walking tracks

The link below will open a PDF guide to Lammermoor Native Gardens, if you are unable to get one of our printed colour guides you can download and print this one.
PDF guide to the walking tracks

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  - A: Car Park area
  - B: Lioness Park
  - C: Ivey St. East entrance
  - 1: Paperbark swamp
  - 2: Kedron Park
  - 3: Lammermoor creek
  - 4: Poplar gum woodland
  - 6: Beach scrub
  - 7: Secondary dune
  - 8: Foredune
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C: Ivy Street East
More information and photos
  D: Concrete Footpath  
  Key to zones  
1: Paperbark swamp
More information and photos
  2: Kedron Park
More information and photos
3: Lammermoor Creek
More information and photos
  4 Poplar Gum woodland
More information and photos
6: Secondary dunes with Beach Swale
More information and photos
7: Beach Foredunes
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