Birds at Lammermoor Native Gardens
Car park area birds
  For a complete list of birds found at Lammermoor follow this link;
Lammermoor Native Gardens bird spotting list PDF 22KB
  Varied Triller
Lalage leucomela
  Spangled Drongo
Dicrurus bracteatus
These prefer the transition zone between woodland and open areas where they search for insects, this is accompanied by much gentle trilling.
The car park is a convenient open space for these superb aerialists to hunt insects, they are found throughout the gardens.
  Olive-backed Sunbird
Nectarinia jugularis
  Grey Fantail
Rhipidura albiscapa
Sunbirds feed largely on nectar, despite their very similar diet and appearance to Honeyeaters they are not closely related.
This smaller relative of the Willie Wagtail is just as active and unafraid as its cousin and will allow you to get quite close.
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