Vegetation zones in the Lammermoor Native Gardens: section 5
Beach Scrub
This is also called littoral rainforest and is a widespread but highly localised ecological community on coastal dunes, it grows on the older, more stable beach ridges and troughs lying behind the foredune. These older areas have accumulated higher levels of soil and humus than the fore dune and can therefore retain more moisture. It supports diverse communities of woodland forest or vine thicket containing larger species, many of which are found in other habitats, on its sandy soils.
The structure of beach scrub varies with age and exposure to strong, salt-laden winds. Mature stands in sheltered situations can be as tall and dense as other rainforest types, while those in exposed site such as coastal headlands may have the appearance of low, wind-sheared thickets.
Beach scrub is widely recognised as providing important coastal corridors for migratory birds and provides a habitat for many resident bird species.
Above; a remnant section of beach scrub near the Ivey Street East entrance to the walking track. In the centre are two Cycas ophiolitica which are a relatively rare species and quite unusual in this situation.
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Above; a section of the track as it winds up the rear slope of the oldest dune at Lammermoor, the vegetation here is changing from the denser vine thickets below and becomes more of a Banksia dominated woodland at the crest.
Beach scrub develops best on fire protected secondary dune swales with adequate soil nutrients, moisture, and protection from strong winds. Though relatively small in area it shows a distint variation and a high degree of diversity of species compared with adjacent plant communities.
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